Stay Competitive and have fun in the club

Stay Competitive and have fun in the club

Stay Competitive and have fun in the clubStay Competitive and have fun in the clubStay Competitive and have fun in the club

Pentathlon for Life !


LaserRun Training


Training : Laser shooting introduce

First step you will learn what it is the Laser Gun, how you have to use, what is the important knowledge is you would like to shooting with the Laser Gun .

LaserRun competition rules, system

You will learn how is happens a LaserRun competition  , You will become able to participate on it. You will learn the basic contents.

Shooting Preparation

You will Learn how you can improve shooting and how you can change the aiming point or install/ set your gun to shoot for better results

Running interval knowledge

You will learn what is the different  if you run interval distance  repeating   4 times wit 10 50 second break.

Practice the LaserRun (Combined Event =CE)

The LaserRun is the discipline of the Modern Pentathlon , but already everywhere on the World is organizing as City Tours  LaserRun Festivals 

Training details

Hemel Hempstead 

we have the training  with limited place 

  • Monday    5.30- 6.30 pm Athletic Track, Jarman Park, HP24JS
  • Saturday  .11-12  Athletic Track, Jarman Park, HP24JS

You have to book your place at the   email  

until two days before (10 pm) .

Price £10  payment  for DMPC (cheque or Bank transfer) 

Laser gun provided by the organizer.  

The venue in Hemel Hempstead : Athletic Track, Jarman Park, HP24JS

 bank details will given for your entry confirmation email. 

Without confirmation Letter don't go to the training !

Dacorum Modern Pentathlon Club



amazing Fun Sport from 8 years to 100 

Laser-run is the thrilling finale the Olympic sport of modern pentathlon and now also a fast-paced dynamic sport in its own right which involves shooting and running with the first person to cross the line the winner. 

Each run is preceded by a shoot and the format is the latest addition to our portfolio of sports. 

For more detailed scoring on all of the disciplines and event information please look at the rule book in the

21/06/2020 British Laser Run Championships , Edinburgh


Modern Triathlon swimming + LaserRun

Many of our Pentathlon GB Regions hold modern triathlons, providing a great opportunity to gain competition experience (particularly in the combined laser-run discipline) for the British Modern Triathlon Championships which is held annually.

Internationally, competitions for the Under 17 age group are organised in the modern triathlon format.

17/10 - 18/10/ 2020 British Modern Triathlon Championships



Triathle involves Lasershooting, swimming and running in a continuous shoot/swim/run format. The event begins with a pack start and there is a transition zone between the run and swim. For laps continuous, from 8 years old with age categories.

30/05/2020 National Triathle Championships and Qualifier for the World Championships , Dorset

East Region Modern Pentathlon GB East Region Program


English Talent Program

Every month once in Hemel Hempstead you are invited to participate on our High Performance training day. The Program general, Laser Shooting,  LaserRun, Fencing (Epee) , 

Swimming. We analyse  your technique, test your fitness, discuss about your Goals and give some advice for the Future. You will met famous Modern Pentathlon Athlete here.


Represent of East Region

Europeen Biathle, Triathle & LaserRun  Championships

17-23 July  Barcelona , Spain

Denise Silk  current

 Masters Triathle & LaserRun  World & Europeen  

age categorie Champion 

Amy Silk Bronze on the Modern Triathlon National GB !

East Region GB BiathlonChampionships 10th October 2020

National GB Modern Triathlon Championships  

Training in the Club


Fencing Training

Fencing Training , Monday , Tuesday , Thursday , Friday 7-8 pm

Hemel Hempstead Leisure Centre

Beginners Welcome

Athletes 7-9 pm


Running Training

Saturday Park Run,

3 times at home 40 minutes cross country with 6 times 3 minutes race speed 30 second rest. 


Be Fitt

go to the gym 3 times a week and do 50 minutes training with different task. Improve you stamina, run, bike .  Bild up power of leg, tight, arm, wrist. Pull equipment for swimming on correct pathway with light weight! Repeating 10 times yours  Swimming 25 meter stroke number. 

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Have a question about our products, or about how we can match your specific needs? If you have a close deadline or a special request, ask us. Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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Welfare Zone


Welfare Officer

Club Welfare officer                               :            Angela Higgins


Fencing East region Welfare Officer



Safeguarding Policy

Club Welfare officer                               :            Angela Higgins

East Regional Welfare Officers           :             Joyce Ryder 

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